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EMNLP 2018. Learning to Describe Differences Between Pairs of Similar Images. Harsh Jhamtani, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick.
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Harsh Jhamtani, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick. Learning to Describe Differences Between Pairs of Similar Images. EMNLP 2018


  • v0.1 of dataset is present in data/.


  • data/annotations/ contains threee json files representing train,val,test splits
  • format of each json file is as follows: each file represents a list. each item in the list is a dictionary consisting of 'img_id' and 'sentences' keys. e.g.
    {"img_id": "400", "sentences": ["two of the three people in the front of the picture have moved", "there is a vehicle in the far back that is only in image two"]


  • data/resized_images/ contains the relevant images.
  • naming convention: <img_id>.png, <img_id>_2.png
  • we have also provided the corresponding diff images: <img_id>_diff.jpg
  • All images have been resized to 224,224
  • Original size images:

Cluster data

  • We provide clusters of differing pixels computed under suggested paramter settings and clustering algorithm.
  • For more details, check Code/usage.ipynb


  • Clustering code has been added


  • Model Predictions (multi)


If you use the data or code, please consider citing

  title={Learning to Describe Differences Between Pairs of Similar Images},
  author={Jhamtani, Harsh and Berg-Kirkpatrick, Taylor},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)},
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