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fxconsole is a remote Javascript console for Firefox that runs in your terminal:

fxconsole in Terminal


With node.js and the npm package manager:

npm install fxconsole -g

You can now use fxconsole from the command line.


Desktop Firefox

  1. Enable remote debugging (You'll only have to do this once)

  2. Open the DevTools. Web Developer > Toggle Tools

  3. Visit the settings panel (gear icon)

  4. Check "Enable remote debugging" under Advanced Settings

  5. Listen for a connection

  6. Open the Firefox command line with Tools > Web Developer > Developer Toolbar.

  7. Start a server by entering this command: listen 6000 (where 6000 is the port number)

Firefox for Android

Follow the instructions in this short Hacks video

FirefoxOS Simulator

This one is a bit hacky right now, and object inspection doesn't work yet, but feel free to try. The .tabs command lists the currently open apps in the simulator.

  1. Install FirefoxOS Simulator in Firefox
  2. Start the Simulator with Tools > Web Developer > Firefox OS Simulator
  3. Get the port the Simulator is listening on with this terminal command: lsof -i -P | grep -i "b2g" in Linux/Mac, or using fx-ports.
  4. Start fxconsole and with the --port argument.


fxconsole --port 6000 --host


There are two extra REPL commands available beyond the standard node.js commands. .tabs lists the open tabs in Firefox. .switch 2 switches to evaluating in a tab. The argument is the index of the tab to switch to.