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busybox as a Magisk module package
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Magisk Busybox

Add it back as a module after Magisk just removed busybox option.


  1. Download your platform version from
  2. Magisk Manager -> Module -> + button -> choose downloaded file
  3. Reboot your device
  4. Enjoy it

Build & Customize

  • You can build this module package with its default config by simply make, then you can find Magisk module package in build/out/busybox-*.zip
  • You can modify Makefile and add architectures you want in TARGET_ARCHITECTURES, or customize DOWNLOAD_URL_PREFIX
  • If you prefer add your customize busybox directly rather than download it, put your own busybox binary to build/download with name like busybox-<architecture>, then build it by make busybox-<architecture>
  • If you want to add some other files to package, don't forget to add them to STATIC_FILE_LIST
  • If you want to modify symbol link to busybox, modify system/xbin/symbol-links.tar



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