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Minor Bump to Satisfy Bower Build

@pfiller pfiller released this Feb 18, 2016 · 17 commits to master since this release

Our bower release process has been broken, but a fix may have landed (#2528). The only way to find out is to publish a new version and see if bower-chosen picks it up.

Documentation Changes


1.5.0 An overdue bump

@pfiller pfiller released this Feb 6, 2016 · 24 commits to master since this release


  • #2440 Extend mobile browser detection
  • #2362 Added option max_shown_results


  • #2378 More accurate disable_search_threshold docs
  • #2436 Add docs for destroying Chosen

Bug Fixes

  • #1994 Fixes focus highlighting on disabled Chosen – thanks @oriondean
  • #1705 Properly toggle default class on multi-Chosen
  • #2364 Fix incorrect "top" linear-gradient syntax
  • #2446 Calling chosen('destroy') on a non-Chosen element no longer wrongly initializes a new Chosen instance
  • #2475 Don't open Chosen on option/alt keyup
  • #2456 Remove unused CSS attribute
  • #2455 Removes some IE hacks

Build system stuff

  • #2287 basic test harness in place – thanks @adunkman!
  • #2306 Update bower-chosen to use unminified versions
  • #2358 Reduce the size of the description for Bower
  • #2449 Try to keep Bower versions consistent


1.4.2 Bower Publishing

@pfiller pfiller released this Mar 28, 2015 · 70 commits to master since this release

Chosen is now publishing a bower-friendly version of the compiled files at harvesthq/bower-chosen. The compiled files are automatically pushed there thanks to Travis CI magic. See the following commits if you're interested in the specifics:

  • #2264 Add a way to build a public-facing Bower repo
  • #2283 Get a base travis file up and atom
  • #2284 Let Travis publish bower-chosen
  • #2285 Use bundler to install gems
  • #2286 [Travis] Allow detached head when parsing master ref.

Random Bonus Bug Fix

  • #2268 Ensure result-selected is applied immediately when selecting an element


1.4.1 Bug Fixes and Build Change

@pfiller pfiller released this Mar 11, 2015 · 89 commits to master since this release

Bug Fixes

  • #2195 Fix bug when person searches for text that matches placeholder
  • #2217 Show optgroup label in initial setup when include_group_label_in_selected is turned on
  • #2119 Fix touch event propagation
  • #2255 Fix issue with group labels when group_search:false

Build Change

  • #2263 Use grunt-gh-pages to build our github pages branch


Include Group Title in Selected Text

in action

Set include_group_label_in_selected to true and Chosen will include the Group label (if it exists) in the selected option text. See #1610 for more info.

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • #2155 Fixes a dppx warning in Chrome
  • #2093 Fix Tap-through Bug (tapping an option on a touch-enabled device will no longer tap the element underneath it)
  • #1704 Inherit title attribute from options and optgroups
  • #2254 Fix XSS vulnerability



@tjschuck tjschuck released this Dec 17, 2014 · 123 commits to master since this release

  • #2098 Trigger ready event only after full instantiation
  • #2106 Added support for optgroup classes inheritance

Doc updates:

  • None.



@tjschuck tjschuck released this Sep 23, 2014 · 133 commits to master since this release

  • #1767 Add a default color to chosen results
  • #1776 Allow submit with Enter if results not showing
  • #1820 Wrap text for too-long options in multiselect
  • #1638 Change search_text to use option.text rather than option.html
  • #1765 Add touch events for chosen-single
  • #1951 Optimize image sizes with ImageOptim
  • #1983 Fixes scrolling with a mouse wheel in Firefox
  • #2009 Specify content-box box-sizing for text inputs
  • #2046 Disable space-bar page scroll when search is disabled
  • #2054 Use border-box everywhere

Doc updates:


New events

  • #1663 Add chosen:close triggerable event to go with chosen:open
  • #1712 Empty search triggers chosen:no_results event

Loads of bug fixes and small improvements

  • #1430 Use document.createElement instead of html string
  • #1461 Single select results in sync
  • #1478 Trigger/Fire Results Showing Event After Winnow
  • #1603 Add support for paste events
  • #1702 Remove use of $ in favor of more widely supported methods.
  • #1736 Set sprite source URLs to default, allowing them to be overridden from outside Chosen.
  • #1744 Remove linear-gradient from single select input background
  • #1745 Fix closing selects in pop out windows

Sweet, sweet documentation updates


Officially Going to 1.0

@pfiller pfiller released this Jul 30, 2013 · 244 commits to master since this release

Just over 2 years after Harvest announced Chosen, we decided to pull the trigger on a 1.0 release. This is long overdue as Chosen has been used in production sites for all of the two years it's existed, but ... here we are.

Notable Changes for 1.0

  • All CSS class names have been renamed from a chzn- root to a chosen- root.
  • All custom Chosen events starting with liszt are now prefaced with a chosen:

See #1412 for more details.


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