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A JAVA wrapper for the Novation Launch Controller aimed at using the MIDI pads and knobs as input for Processing sketches. You can attach knobs to variables, and use the device to control and adjust your animation.


From Processing editor

In Processing, go to Sketch, Import library..., Add library. Search for "Novation Launch Controller client" and once found, click Install.

Manual installation

Copy the file pLaunchController.jar to a folder code inside your sketch. This method makes the library available to an individual sketch. If you intend to make the library available to all sketches, unzip the file to the libraries of your Processing installation (you can see the default skecthbook location in File -> Preferences).

Quick guide

To start using the library, make sure Novation Launch Controller is connected to your computer (at least one led is lit). For more advanced usage, see also Using events.

Add reference to library

  1. At the top of your sketch, import the namespace pLaunchController:

    import pLaunchController.*;
  2. Declare a global variable of type LaunchController

      LaunchController midiController;
  3. Instantiate the controller during setup():

    try {
        midiController = new LaunchController(this);
     catch(Exception e) {
        println("Error connecting to MIDI device! Sketch will run with UI controllers. values.");
        midiController = null;
  1. Attach a knob to a variable in your sketch.

  2. Optionally, use range(float minValue,float maxValue) to override the output of knob values, and defaultValue(float value) to set an initial value. By default, knobs will return values from 0 to 127.



Once you install the library from Processing, you can open the examples from File -> Examples... -> Contributed Libraries -> Novation LaunchController client. See below a brief description for each example included.

LaunchController Demo

Shows the knobs and pads on a sketch. A simple way to test the library and the connectivity to your LaunchPad.

Source code


Based on the original by Daniel Shiffman, I used the controller to set the various parameters of the supershape algorithm.

Source code


The library was developed in Windows 10 and it has been tested with Processing 3.3 and Processing 3.4 in both Windows 10 and Mac OS 10. If you have trouble using the library, please submit an issue.

Limitations and further development

The library was developed and tested only the smallest of the Novation controllers, Launch Control, which has 16 knobs and 8 pads. If you are interested in using other Novation products please submit an issue and I will evaluate what can be done.


A JAVA wrapper for the Novation Launch Controller aimed at using the MIDI pads and knobs as input for Processing sketches.



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