Algorithms and Data Structures implemented in Java
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This repository contains implementations of common algorithms and data structures in Java, that I've written over the last year or so. The majority of them are based on descriptions given in Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein's textbook Introduction to Algorithms, commonly referred to as CLRS. References are to the 3rd edition.

Sorting Algorithms

  • Insertion Sort (CLRS 2.1)
  • Merge Sort (CLRS 2.3)
  • Selection Sort (CLRS Exercise 2.2.2)
  • Bubble Sort (CLRS Problem 2.2)
  • Heap Sort (CLRS 6.4)
  • Quicksort (CLRS 7)
  • Counting Sort (CLRS 8.2)
  • Radix Sort (CLRS 8.3)

Data Structures

  • Array List
  • Matrix
  • Boolean Matrix
  • Max Heap (CLRS 6.1)
  • Stack (Both static and dynamic versions) (CLRS 10.1)
  • Linked List (CLRS 10.2)
  • Hash Map (CLRS 11)
  • Binary Search Tree (CLRS 12)
  • Red-Black Tree (CLRS 13)

Searching Algorithms

  • Binary Search
  • Maximum Subarray Problem (CLRS 4.1)

Dynamic Programming

  • Rod Cutting (CLRS 15.1)
  • Matrix Chain Multiplication (CLRS 15.2)

Geometric Algorithms

  • Graham Scan


  • RPN Evaluator