A collection of single-file scripts to bootstrap your machines with Puppet.
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Puppet Bootstrap Scripts

This repository contains a multitude of single file scripts for setting up Puppet on a variety of machines.

Puppet is fantastic for managing infrastructure but there is a chicken/egg problem of getting Puppet initially installed on a machine so that Puppet can then take over for the remainder of system setup. This repository contains small scripts to bootstrap your system just enough so that Puppet can then take over.

Please contribute by forking and sending a pull request for your operating system.

The goal of this repository is to create a set of scripts that run on every version of every platform to set up Puppet.

Features of Each Script

  • Requires no parameters and runs without any human input, but can optionally take parameters to tune the packages the install and such. See each script for details on the parameters.
  • Uses only built-in software to install Puppet. These scripts have no external dependencies over the base install of their OS.
  • Installs Puppet agent and Facter.
  • Does not auto-start the Puppet agent service on the machine. Your bootstrap can choose to do this in addition to these scripts, if you'd like.

Using a Script

To use one of the scripts in this repository, you can either download the script directly from this repository as part of your machine setup process, or copy the contents of the script you need to your own location and use that. The latter is recommended since it then doesn't rely on GitHub uptime and is generally more secure.

If you do choose to download directly from this repository, make sure you link to a specific commit (and not master), so that the file contents don't change on you unexpectedly.


Fork and pull request. Simple.