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package raft
import (
// LogCache wraps any LogStore implementation to provide an
// in-memory ring buffer. This is used to cache access to
// the recently written entries. For implementations that do not
// cache themselves, this can provide a substantial boost by
// avoiding disk I/O on recent entries.
type LogCache struct {
store LogStore
cache []*Log
l sync.RWMutex
// NewLogCache is used to create a new LogCache with the
// given capacity and backend store.
func NewLogCache(capacity int, store LogStore) (*LogCache, error) {
if capacity <= 0 {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("capacity must be positive")
c := &LogCache{
store: store,
cache: make([]*Log, capacity),
return c, nil
func (c *LogCache) GetLog(idx uint64, log *Log) error {
// Check the buffer for an entry
cached := c.cache[idx%uint64(len(c.cache))]
// Check if entry is valid
if cached != nil && cached.Index == idx {
*log = *cached
return nil
// Forward request on cache miss
return, log)
func (c *LogCache) StoreLog(log *Log) error {
return c.StoreLogs([]*Log{log})
func (c *LogCache) StoreLogs(logs []*Log) error {
// Insert the logs into the ring buffer
for _, l := range logs {
c.cache[l.Index%uint64(len(c.cache))] = l
func (c *LogCache) FirstIndex() (uint64, error) {
func (c *LogCache) LastIndex() (uint64, error) {
func (c *LogCache) DeleteRange(min, max uint64) error {
// Invalidate the cache on deletes
c.cache = make([]*Log, len(c.cache))
return, max)
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