Main repository for the servant libraries. Web API combinators, with servers, clients and documentation
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servant - A Type-Level Web DSL


Getting Started

We have a tutorial that introduces the core features of servant. After this article, you should be able to write your first servant webservices, learning the rest from the haddocks' examples.

The central documentation can be found here. Other blog posts, videos and slides can be found on the website.

If you need help, drop by the IRC channel (#servant on freenode) or mailing list.

Version history

This table lists the versions of some servant- libraries at the point of release of servant package.

servant 0.10
servant-blaze 0.7.1
servant-cassava 0.7
servant-client 0.10
servant-docs 0.10
servant-foreign 0.10
servant-js 0.9.1
servant-lucid 0.7.1
servant-server 0.10