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Cabal throws an ugly "irrefutable pattern match failed" error when confronted to an empty .cabal descriptor #134

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(Imported from Trac #141, reported by mnislaih on 2007-06-16)

Setup.hs: Distribution/PackageDescription.hs:580:6-34: Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern (st : sts)

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(Imported comment by @dcoutts on 2007-06-16)

We now get

setup: Warning: No library or executable specified
Configuring ...
setup: Warning: No executables and no library found. Nothing to do.
setup: Warning: No exposed modules or executables in this package.
setup: Warning: No license-file field.
setup: Error: Missing field: name
setup: Error: Missing field: version
I suppose it could be better yet.

@bos bos closed this
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