Past due by 3 days Last updated about 1 hour ago

    Next point release from the 2.4 branch.

    Due by January 01, 2019 Last updated 15 days ago

    Major milestone To be bundled with GHC 8.8; Nix-style local builds (aka V2 UI) becomes default; V1 (i.e. non-nix-style) CLI UI deprecated (and maybe even removed);

    Due by October 31, 2018 Last updated 24 days ago

    When nix-local-build becomes default, this bug is irrelevant. (e.g., sandbox and build/install tickets)

    Due by October 31, 2018 Last updated about 1 month ago

    This issue must be fixed before new-build becomes default. (should maybe be merged with milestone:3.0)

    Due by December 31, 2038 Last updated about 2 months ago

    These features will not happen unless someone steps up and implements them.

    Due by December 29, 2038 Last updated 12 months ago

    It's a real bug, but it's not important enough to block the next release. Needs someone to agree to fix.