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Contributing to Hasura graphql-engine

First: if you're unsure or afraid of anything, just ask, or submit the issue or pull request anyway. You won't be yelled at for giving your best effort. The worst that can happen is that you'll be politely asked to change something. We appreciate any contributions, and we don't want a wall of rules to get in the way of that.

However, for those individuals who want a bit more guidance on the best way to contribute to the project, read on. This document will cover what we're looking for. By addressing all the points we're looking for, the chances that we can quickly merge or address your contributions will increase.


hasura/graphql-engine is a mono-repo consisting of 3 components. Each has their own contributing guides:

  1. Server (Haskell)
  2. CLI (Go)
  3. Console (JavaScript)

All of the three components have a single version, denoted by either the git tag or a combination of branch name and git commit SHA.

For all contributions, a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) needs to be signed here before (or after) the pull request has been submitted. A bot will prompt contributors to sign the CLA via a pull request comment, if necessary.


Contributing guide for docs can be found at docs/

Community content

There is no specific contributing guide for community content. Anything that can help GraphQL Engine community/users can go into the section. We have identified boilerplates, examples and tools as primary candidates. Feel free to submit a pull request if you have something to add (not necessarily belonging to the aforementioned sections).


Reporting an Issue

  • Make sure you test against the latest released version. It is possible that we may have already fixed the bug you're experiencing.

  • Provide steps to reproduce the issue, including Postgres version, graphql-engine version and the provider you are running on (Heroku, Docker, etc.).

  • Please include logs of the server, if relevant.

Common guidelines

  • Please make sure there is an issue associated with the work that you're doing.

  • If you're working on an issue, please comment that you are doing so to prevent duplicate work by others also.

  • Squash your commits and refer to the issue using fix #<issue-no> or close #<issue-no> in the commit message, at the end. For example: resolve answers to everything (fix #42) or resolve answers to everything, fix #42

  • Rebase master with your branch before submitting a pull request.

Commit messages

  • The first line should be a summary of the changes, not exceeding 50 characters, followed by an optional body which has more details about the changes. Refer to this link for more information on writing good commit messages.

  • Use the imperative present tense: "add/fix/change", not "added/fixed/changed" nor "adds/fixes/changes".

  • Don't capitalize the first letter of the summary line.

  • Don't add a period/dot (.) at the end of the summary line.

(Credits: Some sections are adapted from