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Healthchecks Docker

Docker image to run the healthchecks django application

N.B. Due to no tagging on the healthchecks repository this will always build with the latest commit


docker build -t haswalt/healthchecks .


docker run -p 9090:9090 haswalt/healthchecks

The container is now accepting requests on port 9090.

Admin Access

By default no admin user is created. To create your first admin user connect to your running docker container and run:

./ createsuperuser

You will now be able to login to the admin at http://localhost:9090/admin.

N.B. There is no validation so ensure you correctly set an email address and password or you may find yourself unable to login.


This image is built to take basic configuration from environment variables passed:

docker run -p 9090:9090 \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_DEBUG=False \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_HOST=localhost \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_SITE_ROOT="http://localhost:9090" \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_DB=mysql \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_DB_HOST=localhost \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_DB_USER=root \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_DB_PASSWORD=pa55word\
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_EMAIL_FROM="" \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_EMAIL_HOST=localhost \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_EMAIL_PORT=25 \
           -e HEALTHCHECKS_EMAIL_USER="" \