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Katzenbilder aus der Deutschen Digitalen Bibliothek posten
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Ein TwitterBot der die [Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek] ( nach Katzenbildern durchsucht

usage: ddbkatzen [-?fh] [long options...]
--pidbase                          the base for our pid (default:
--progname                         the name of the daemon
--stop_timeout                     number of seconds to wait for the
                                   process to stop, before trying
                                   harder to kill it (default: 2 s)
--basedir                          the directory to chdir to
                                   (default: /)
-h -? --usage --help               Prints this usage information.
-f --foreground                    if true, the process won't
--debug                            if set, tweets are just logged,
                                   not sent
--dont_close_all_files             required for demon to run, no idea
--sqlite_db                        sqlite_db to store tweets, in
                                   order to avoid repetitions
--name                             name of the demon
--ddb_api_key                      API Key for 'Deutsche Digitale
--ddb_api_url                      API Key for 'Deutsche Digitale
--twitter_account                  Twitter Account to use
--twitter_consumer_key             Twitter Authentication
--twitter_consumer_secret          Twitter Authentication
--twitter_access_token             Twitter Authentication
--twitter_access_token_secret      Twitter Authentication
--url_shortener                    which url shortener to use
--sleep_time                       how many seconds to wait between
--duplicate_limit                  how many days until a duplicate
                                   post is allowed

Database creation

create SQLite Database with

>sqlite3 tweets.db < schema.sql
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