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A place for the community to suggest and discuss crypto and fiat listing

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On this repository we'll coordinate the listing of new assets on Haveno. The community can open issues with the details of the proposed asset. Issue templates are provided to make applying consistent and organized.

Terms for listing

The Haveno Core Team lists asset based on their perception of the project proposed. Input from the community is welcome and highly kept in considered during the decision process. We invite to maintain high quality conversation and refrain from shilling/trolling. The latter would seriously impact the chances of listing the project proposed.

These terms are to be kept in consideration:

  • In case the assets is approved for listing, we expect somebody from the project or the related community to take care of the PR for implementing it on Haveno
  • At any time we might delist an asset if we feel there are reasons to do so
  • All of the above is at discretion of the Haveno Core Team

Suggest your favorite asset

Follow these steps:

  1. Open a new issue by using the appropriate issue template.
  2. Make sure all fields are compiled and that the statements at the top are ticked.
  3. Submit your request and be available to answer questions from the community and project maintainers

The submission will go through several stages:

  • Proposed: In this phase the request for a new asset has been submitted, but still needs to has its format reviewed.
  • Review stage: The proposal is correctly formatted and is being reviewed. At this stage, the community is welcome to voice their opinion about the asset being proposed.
  • PR needed: The proposal has been accepted. Now a pull request is needed to support the asset on Haveno.
  • Closed: A proposal at this stage was either rejected or successfully accepted and the asset listed on Haveno.

A GitHub project is available for a visual representation of the status of each request.


A place for the community to suggest and discuss crypto and fiat listing


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