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Hawaii packages for Arch Linux
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eyesight-git Update packages
eyesight Update eyesight
greenisland-git Remove libkscreen-frameworks dependency
greenisland-rpi-git Update Rpi packages
greenisland Add greenisland
hawaii-baseapps-git Add hawaii-baseapps-git
hawaii-icon-themes-git Update
hawaii-icon-themes Updates
hawaii-meta-git Add hawaii-widget-styles and hawaii-widget-styles-git
hawaii-qt5-wayland-git hawaii-qt5-wayland-git: Change version according to sources
hawaii-qt5-wayland-rpi-git hawaii-qt5-wayland-rpi-git: Rebase patches and remove upstreamed ones
hawaii-rpi-meta-git Update hawaii-rpi-meta-git
hawaii-shell-git Post installation and settings changes
hawaii-shell-rpi-git Post installation and settings changes
hawaii-shell Add icon themes and wallpapers as dependencies of hawaii-shell
hawaii-system-preferences-git Update dependencies
hawaii-system-preferences Add hawaii-system-preferences
hawaii-terminal-git hawaii-terminal-git: Update
hawaii-terminal Add hawaii-terminal-git
hawaii-wallpapers-git Update
hawaii-wallpapers hawaii-wallpapers: Remove git from makedepends
hawaii-widget-styles-git Add hawaii-widget-styles and hawaii-widget-styles-git
hawaii-widget-styles Add hawaii-widget-styles and hawaii-widget-styles-git
qt5-qpa-rpi-plugin-git qt5-qpa-rpi-plugin-git: Add armv7h
qt5-qpa-rpi-plugin Add qt5-qpa-rpi-plugin
qtaccountsservice-git qtaccountsservice-git: Update PKGBUILD
qtconfiguration-git qtconfiguration-git: Update PKGBUILD
qtconfiguration Remove qtchooser from makedepends
swordfish-git swordfish-git: Update
ttf-raleway-font-family Update ttf-raleway-font-family to the latest version
yat-git Remove qtchooser from makedepends
.gitignore Add hawaii-baseapps-git Remove packages not needed anymore
build Build scripts.
build-hawaii Respect dependency order
buildinfo.yml Add list of packages to build for automated CI builds
mksource-hawaii Move code to make aurballs to a script that runs for a single package
mksource-hawaii-all Add hawaii-baseapps-git

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