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Java client for Hawkular


HawkularClient client = HawkularClient.builder("my-tenant")
    .basicAuthentication("jdoe", "password")

System.out.println(client.metrics().tenant().getTenants()); // show all tenants
System.out.println(client.alerts().plugins().findActionPlugins()) // show all plugins
System.out.println(client.inventory().tenant.getTenant()); // get current tenant

See unit tests for more examples.

How to run unit tests?

You have set your hawkular server url in to HAWKULAR_ENDPOINT environment variable.(example: export HAWKULAR_ENDPOINT=http://<hawkular-host>:8080)

To run mvn test

Run with debug log: mvn test -Dorg.slf4j.simpleLogger.defaultLogLevel=debug -Dorg.slf4j.simpleLogger.logFile=target/test.log

Help Wanted

This project is under active development. Pull requests are welcome.

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