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An implementation of


to websites using your own domain.

For example, say you own First you would need to set this domain on your Flickr/GitHub/Twitter profile(s). Then add a <a rel="me" href="..."> link to those profiles from

Now you can go to relme-auth, enter and hit sign-in. You can then select which provider you want to authenticate with.

Running the code

This should be pretty standard for a Go project. It requires modules to pin specific versions of packages.

$ go get

Go to each of Flickr, GitHub and Twitter and setup a new app. Take the id/apiKey and secret given and put in a config.toml file like so,

id = "..."
secret = "..."

id = "..."
secret = "..."

id = "..."
secret = "..."

Then run the app and go to http://localhost:8080.

$ relme-auth --cookie-secret something