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An Artificial Intelligence Assistant Written in Python 3
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The purpose of Leo is to prove to myself that I am able to in fact build a simple AI assistant. In the future, after multiple code revisions and cleanups, I would like to add a simple swift app to record and send the audio commands. This would ensure a more accurate recognition of the person talking as well as the recording time be controlled by person.

This summer (2017), I will be working on adding a conversational dialogue engine to Leo in order to allow him to maintain conversation instead of just completing commands.

After The above code has been completed, the next step for Leo is to add a GeoSpacial Mapping Module. I would like to add various mapping functions that can help with big data sets.

== Necessary Installs ==

  • Python
  • Pip
  • BeautifulSoup (used for web scraping)
  • microphone (contains pyAudio)
  • FuzzyWuzzy
  • subprocess (provides the espeak voice)
  • json
  • twilio (used for sending text messages)
  • webbrowser (allows you to open web browsers)
  • speech_recognition

== Testing Code ==

  • run the following command:
    • nosetests

== Commands ==

  • Initial Command

    • Leo
  • Following Commands

    • how is the weather
    • calculate xxx (times/divided by/ plus/ minus) xxx
    • what's up
    • what time is it
    • im curious about something
    • open browser
    • tell me a joke
    • do I have anything in my to-do list?
    • add task to list
    • remove task from list
    • send text message
    • update me on the news
    • update me on sports
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