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An Emacs interface for Uzbl.
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Ezbl - Emacs interface for Uzbl (

This package creates an Emacs interface for Uzbl, allowing you to control Uzbl from within Emacs.


  • Uzbl ( version 2009.11.30 or greater. Older version will not work.
  • A patched version of Emacs ( which supports embedding Xwidgets and the SOCK_SEQPACKET socket type. These patches are currently (as of 2009-12-20) not available in the main Emacs repository, nor in any released version.


Move the file “ezbl.el” to somewhere in your load-path. Add “(require ‘ezbl)” to your .emacs file, and run “ezbl-open” to launch a Uzbl instance.


As of version 0.2, the “master” branch on should be considered stable. Updates to that branch should not break existing functionality, and experimental features will be developed in other branches and merged to “master” once they are acceptably stable.

Related files

All of the documentation files (including this one) are in Emacs org-mode format and are best viewed with a recent version of org-mode. Being plain text, however, they are still viewable in any text editor.

Some files of interest might be:

  • History of changes in each Ezbl version.
  • COPYING: The license of Ezbl (GPLv3+).
  • Known bugs and desired features.
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