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Windows app which keeps you up-to-date with new cases assigned via notifications


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Firstly you need to click on cogwheel on the login screen and provide your fogbugz url. Note that you need to provide bug tracker Url, not the API server Url.

However if you'll forgot to do so, you'll got a warning from which you can choose to setup url (ofcourse you won't need to setup it again once you did so).

Then, you'll ofcourse have to login :) Credentials won't be stored anywhere.

App checks for new cases on your tracker every 5 minute. Once you got any, you'll get notified.

The notifications contains a respective message, new cases count in orange circle, and two buttons: Ignore - will just close notification; View - will show the main window with list of cases.

New cases marked with orange color (will be unmarked once you click on item). By simply double-clicking on item in list it will open the selected fogbugz case in your default browser.

If you close main window via 'X' button it will minimze window to system-tray (little FogBugz kiwi logo).

To close app you need to go to 'File' and click 'Exit'.

Hope you'll enjoy it ;)