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This is the Debian format version of Cclite 0.9.4 as a working repository. Since it's development, code here is NOT regression tested, the regression-tested versions are on sourceforge.

The tarballs and debian packages are on Sourceforge at:

Cclite is a Perl package for local exchange trading systems (LETS), banking and other alternative money systems. Multi-registry, multi-currency, web services based (SOAP) and REST transactions and templated to give multi-lingual capabilities:

    * Lightweight perl implementation of cc registry
    * Can do networked multi-registries
    * Registries can be multi-currency
    * Can use a set of web services based (SOAP) transactions
    * Some REST features available using .htaccess
    * Capable of interworking with non Cclite software (via web services and REST)
    * Roughly follows Richard Kay's specification
    * Registry is MySQL (schema based on Mose's work with tiki-wiki)
    * Multilingual ready via HTML templating Simple::Template
    * Support for payment via SMS, Encrypted email and Jabber
    * Simple services directory
    * Experimental rss feeds for trade items, offered, wanted, matched search
    * Works on Ubuntu Heron, Fedora (at least)
    * Apt-get install for Ubuntu, may work on commodity hosting
    * Web based configuration and checker

    * There's a bug tracker within the sourceforge project

    * If you want help with cclite join the google group: this will be moving soon (as of summer 2017)
Many things are changed/improved in 0.9.4 please see /usr/share/doc/cclite which contains release notes.

The main work that has been done recently is SMS with and using gammu [qv] to transport the messages. This 'frees' Cclite from commercial SMS http gateways and gives it an autonmous SMS system.

The SOAP will be de-emphasised in future versions in favour of REST

Also, all installations can use SHA2 now because of the changes to Digest in the Perl core. The core functions of Cclite [no RSS etc.] should install without additional modules. Also there's a preliminary Redhat package on sourceforge and both the Ubuntu and Redhat have been [somewhat] tested on Amazon EC2 instances. The Chinese and French templates are hopefully a little better too, but we'd welcome help for the other languages.