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An example Test Controller for Visual Studio Code
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Implementing a Test Controller for Visual Studio Code

This repository contains an example for implementing a TestController extension that works with the Test Explorer extension.


  • install the Test Explorer extension
  • fork and clone this repository and open it in VS Code
  • run npm install
  • run npm run watch or start the watch Task in VS Code
  • start the debugger

You should now see a second VS Code window, the Extension Development Host, in which the ExampleController is active: When you open a folder in this window, a Status Bar Item with the text "Loaded n tests" should show up. When you click that Status Bar Item, a test run will be started and the text of the Status Bar Item will change to show the number of passed and failed tests.


This really depends on what you want to do with your Test Controller. The example code shows how to subscribe to the main TestAdapter events and you can also send load/run/debug requests to them. You will receive all events sent by the Test Adapters, even if the requests that led to these events came from the Test Explorer or any other Test Controller.


  • update package.json with your preferred values (at a minimum you should change name, displayName, description, author, publisher, homepage, repository and bugs)
  • create an icon for your Test Controller (there's an SVG version of the Test Explorer icon at img/test-explorer.svg) and reference it in package.json
  • replace this README with your documentation

Now you're ready to publish the first version of your Test Controller.

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