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The Notenik Mac App

Notenik is a modern, powerful note-taking application written in Swift.

This is one of several active repositories on GitHub containing code and/or documentation related to the Notenik Mac App. The programming code is written in Swift, and the documentation repos are each provided as separate Notenik Collections, authored in Markdown.

(There are also some inactive repos concerning an earlier version of Notenik, written in Java, and these will not be further mentioned here.)

Use these links to obtain more info about the app, and to actually download a working version to your Mac.

Notenik Code Repos

This is all of the Swift code written as part of the Notenik application. These are all released under the terms of the MIT License.

Documentation Repos

These repositories contain various sorts of documentation about Notenik.

  • Knowledge Base - Everything you might ever want to know about Notenik, including its version history
  • Guide to Features - A detailed guide to the features to be found in Notenik
  • Tips - Brief introductory tips on the use of Notenik
  • Website - The files needed to generate and maintain the website

Additional Code Packages

This is additional open-source code, written by others, and used by Notenik. These packages are all separately licensed.


All the Information about Notenik that one might ever need







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