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Matlab Mat file read and write C++ class with OpenCV bindings. Matlab is used a lot in computer vision, and people often share Matlab code or data in Mat-file storage. This small project gives OpenCV users the ability to read and write Mat files natively in C++
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          An open source Matlab-MAT file parser written in C++

CVMATIO implements a Matlab v7 MAT file parser in C++, giving users the 
ability to interact with binary MAT files in their own projects. 

The project has the following dependencies:
    OpenCV  REQUIRED (for translating Matlab types)
    CMake   REQUIRED (for building)
    ZLib    REQUIRED (for uncompressing Mat files)
    Doxygen OPTIONAL (for documentation)

To configure the project, set the options at the top of CMakeLists.txt
To build the project, follow the normal cmake routine from the root folder:

    >> mkdir build
    >> cd build/
    >> cmake ..
    >> make -j8
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