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A simple Haml/Sass builder for multi-platform HTML5 apps by Hampton Catlin (@hcatlin)


  • Simple HTML5 apps are good to build in Haml and Sass
  • Phonegap is WAYYYYY too complicated for most of the things I need
  • "Static" site generators only want to target one platform
  • Multi-platform HTML5 apps are awesomesauce
  • Building should be simple and minimal
    • What ends up in the platform build should be just what's needed
  • Every app loads from index.html/haml
  • Each platform might have some custom configuration


First, get Ruby and Bundler installed. If you are on OS X, that just means, run

gem install bundler

If you are linux, then you are a big enough nerd to figure it out by yourself.

git clone your_app_name
cd your_app_name
bundle install

Then, you can run "./build" to make sure no errors happen! DONE!

How it works!

You should spend your time developing in the "src" directory. We have some simple bootstrapped things there. Everything you run "./build", it will compile the stuff in the src directory and poop it out into each of the platforms.

Platforms are defined in the 'config.json' file. You can override defaults there that are currently found defined in 'lib/bob/platform.rb'... which kind of stinks now that I think of it.

Easiest way to work is...

open platforms/chrome/data/index.html
guard start

Guard will run "./build" whenever a file changes. Pretty cool, eh! Now get into that src/ folder and start building some shit!

Current issues

  • Building is too slow and requires a full rebuild of everything
  • Had to remove "iPhone" platform target b/c too much vendor stuff in there
    • Need to think about how to handle heavy frameworks!
  • The 'platform.rb' object is crappy and confused


A Simple Haml/Sass builder for multi-platform HTML5 apps




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