N64 GameShark Pro utilities using libusb
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N64 GameShark Pro utilities using libusb.

This is based around the MosChip MCS7705 USB to Parallel Port bridge, which is found in the Tera Grand (aka Viewcon) adapter, available on Amazon.com and elsewhere.


  • gsuploader: homebrew loader based on ppcasm's "gsuploader"
  • gscomms: the low-level interface
  • examples: a few example executables for use with gsuploader


This is a version of ppcasm's gsuploader, with some new features and a lot of reorganization.

gsuploader is a code loader for the N64 using the GameShark Pro 3.3's parallel port and "Code Generator" functionality. This version adds:

  • support for USB to parallel adapters using the MosChip MCS7705 bridge
  • a 2x speed transfer driver (supported by gscomms)
  • a fast bulk transfer driver (supported by gscomms)

The support for linking has been stripped as it was incomplete.

Example usage

Compile with


in the root of the repository. I recommend running things from there as well.

On the N64 + GameShark, start a game with Code Generator ON and Without Codes. I have largely tested with Super Mario 64, loading while at the Select File screen.


The included files neon64gs.bin and efp.nes are a NES emulator (Neon64) and an NES game ROM (Escape from Pong) that can be loaded together with the command:

./gsuploader/gsuploader examples/neon64gs.bin examples/efp.nes

First the loader will load the emulator and then, after a brief pause while it unpacks itself, it will load the NES ROM. Neon64 can be started with any button after the ROM is loaded.

###Flame Demo

The Flame Demo needs to be loaded to 0x80000400, so change #define NEON64_MODE to 0 before compiling. It can then be loaded with

./gsuploader/gsuploader examples/flames.bin


A demonstration (by nefariousdogooder) of setting cheat codes.