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Genotype-Phenotype Mapping

This program will interpret a 23andme OR VCF datafile as a predicted phenotype profile
It is a work in progress!
I am in the process of adding more info, traits, ancestry, etc. It also needs to take account of SNP interactions with each other (I would love some help working on this) This is the underlying idea behind Stranger Visions, an artwork which imagines what strangers might look like from their DNA.

Originally designed for 23andme style data it works with VCF files now too. You can generate a larger imputed genotype file from your 23andme results over at DNA Land

This program works with Python 2.7

If you are having trouble with dependencies you might want to consider running this program in a virtual environment. See:


$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the program

From commandline

Programs runs with 2 cmdline arguments:

  • a 23andMe datafile or a VCF file
  • the included SNPS database CSV file, ie.

$ python "/Users/name/Documents/SNP_files/genome_NAME.txt" "/Users/name/Documents/workspace/genotype-phenotype/src/SNPs_public.csv"

For the web app

$ python

Then open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080


For an example 23andme data file see: