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bowman badge bowman client

Bowman is a Java library for accessing a JSON+HAL REST API.


  • Simplified API consumption via automatic, lazy link traversal on an annotated client-side model

  • Tailor made for Spring Data REST

  • Analogous interface to JPA

  • RESTful CRUD and templated link query support

  • Polymorphic deserialisation

Standing on the shoulders of Spring HATEOAS and Jackson.

Usage Example

Given the following annotated model objects:

public class Person {

  private URI id;
  private String name;

  public Person() {}
  public Person(String name) { = name; }

  @ResourceId public URI getId() { return id; }
  public String getName() { return name; }


public class Greeting {

  private URI id;
  private Person recipient;
  private String message;

  public Greeting() {}
  public Greeting(String message, Person recipient)
    { this.message = message; this.recipient = recipient; }

  @ResourceId public URI getId() { return id; }
  @LinkedResource public Person getRecipient() { return recipient; }
  public String getMessage() { return message; }

Client instances can be constructed and used as demonstrated below.

The HTTP requests/responses corresponding to each instruction are shown in a comment beneath.

ClientFactory factory = Configuration.builder().setBaseUri("http://...").build()

Client<Person> people = factory.create(Person.class);
Client<Greeting> greetings = factory.create(Greeting.class);

URI id = Person("Bob"));
// POST /people {"name": "Bob"}
//  -> Location: http://.../people/1

Person recipient = people.get(id);
// GET /people/1
//  -> {"name": "Bob", "_links": {"self": {"href": "http://.../people/1"}}}

assertThat(recipient.getName(), is("Bob"));

id = Greeting("hello", recipient));
// POST /greetings {"message": "hello", "recipient": "http://.../people/1"}}
//  -> Location: http://.../greetings/1

Greeting greeting = greetings.get(id);
// GET /greetings/1
//  -> {"message": "hello", "_links": {"self": {"href": "http://.../greetings/1"},
// 			"recipient": {"href": "http://.../people/1"}}}

assertThat(greeting.getMessage(), is("hello"));

recipient = greeting.getRecipient();
// GET /people/1
//  -> {"name": "Bob", "_links": {"self": {"href": {"http://.../people/1"}}}

assertThat(recipient.getName(), is("Bob"));