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Cid is a simple theme for static site generator, Pelican. Demo: my site.

Features summary:

  • Disqus comment. DISQUS_SITENAME must be defined in configuration file.
  • Google Analytics. GOOGLE_ANALYTICS must be defined in configuration.
  • Obfuscated Email. CONTACT_EMAIL must be defined in the configuration file. Javascript is required to view the email address.
  • Responsive theme.
  • Landing Page template.
  • Pagination.


See in the scrshot/ directory.

Landing Page Template

Cid includes a landing page template that can be used to generate a landing page for your site. To use it, simply create a static page that uses the landing.html template and configure it to be the index page of your site.

Custom links on the landing page and footer

By default, the landing page and site footer will display the list of static pages configured on the site. To replace them with a list of links you want, specify a USE_CUSTOM_MENU configuration variable to be true, and create CUSTOM_MENUITEMS tuple in the (Title, url) format within your configuration file to contain the list of items you want to display. The url are specified relative to the SITEURL. Example:

CUSTOM_MENUITEMS = (('Blog', `blog`),
             ('Contact', 'contact'),
             ('Projects', 'pages/projects'))

Custom Site Footer

Define a SITEFOOTER in your configuration file to replace the site footer. Will default to Pelican and theme credit if not defined. The site footer can contains HTMl tags, but it's better to keep it simple as it will be printed inside a p tag.

Obfuscated Email

If CONTACT_EMAIL is configured, the theme will display the email address in a mailto link, but the email address will be printed through a Javascript ROT13 function in order to obfuscate the email addres. This means the email address won't be displayed if the site visitor doesn't have Javascript enabled.

This feature requires a plugin that is included with the theme. The plugin needs to be enabled in order to use the theme.

PLUGIN_PATHS = ['./path/to/themes/pelican-cid/plugins']
PLUGINS = ['cid_filters']

Contacts Links

Additional contact information can be displayed in the same way as the custom menu item/ pages links. To use it, define a CONTACTS tuple in the configuration file.

CONTACTS = (('facebook', ''),
            ('twitter', ''),)

Development Notes

The style sheet for this theme is written in SASS, located in the src/sass/cid.sass file, which are then compiled to static/css/cid.css. There is a package.json and gulpfile.json that I used during the development of the theme draft, which can be used to quickly set up a live reload server and auto-compile. Note that the you would still need to have the sass ruby gem installed. The design directory contains the static HTML draft that I used to help me decide on the design, the contents are no longer used and it is not kept updated to any design changes.




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