A modified Micryption Plugin for XChat2 feat. DH1080 Keyexchange
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Mircryption - XChat2

A modified Micryption Plugin for XChat2 feat. DH1080 Keyexchange



You'll need the following packages (Debian, Ubuntu) or respective packages for your flavor of Linux

  • xchat2-common (header for XChat2 plugin interface)
  • libssl-dev (headers and library for OpenSSL DH1080 support)

To build pass the Makefile target of choice to ./build.sh and magic should happen. E.g to build a x64 mircryption.so, simply run ./build.sh nix64bit


Please see README.windows.md for some more instructions. Windows support is untested.


Other platforms, even if supported by Micryptions default Makefile are untested and you might have to apply some changes here and there. If you do modify the build script for a certain platform, please consider forking the project and putting in a pull request once it works for you.



  • dev00: build support on Windows using Win32OpenSSL

v0.4.0-alpha - 05/01/07

  • gjehle: added support for DH1080 key exchange, compatible to FiSH and Mircryption/MIRC (using OpenSSL as backend)
  • gjehle: fixed a little bug regarding &-prefixed channel names not being handled properly

v0.3.3 - 04/17/07

  • gjehle: previous change messed up ACTION handling, fixed it and cleaned up the code
  • gjehle: changed masterkey input box delay to 1.5 seconds

v0.3.2 - 04/16/07

  • gjehle: added support for idmsg servers (like freenode) who prepend messages with a + or - (thanks to Waky for reporting this bug)

v0.3.1 - 04/09/07

  • gjehle: added a delayed popup to ask for the masterkey if not already entered

v0.3.0 - 04/06/07 [official announcement]

  • gjehle: Now decrypting text in RAW messages to prevent accidential nicknighlighting (thanks to bt for reporting this bug)
  • gjehle: Rewrote quite some of the inbound message parser to use raw and /recv-reissue w/ textevents [click here for a diagram showing how the new parser works]
  • gjehle: nickhighlighting now works if text was encrypted, too
  • gjehle: Added key-migration to support nickchanges while having an encrypted converstation
  • gjehle: moved all xchat_printf template-formats to a global stringarray that can be accessed using enum eTextEvents
  • gjehle: began commenting of code in doxygen syntax

v0.2.0 - 03/29/07

  • gjehle: We now obey XChat's foreground color settings for nicknames displayed when in crypto mode
  • gjehle: Event "Notice Send" got replaced by "Your Notice", updated event hook & handler
  • gjehle: Added EACTION_RECV_FORMAT and EACTION_SEND_FORMAT to replace the previous one-fits-all

older entries:

  • 01/08/04 added new cbc blowfish modes
  • 12/26/04 fixing for xchat umlaout bug (utf8 stuff)
  • 05/18/04 added meow support
  • 03/30/04 changed default outgoing tag to +OK for better default compatibility with other scripts
  • 03/21/04 help message was saying to call '/setkey #chan key' instead of '/setkey key'
  • 12/27/03 gjehle: added color stripping
  • 9/08/03 added support for ` prefix toggle
  • 5/13/03 added windows compatibility (tested with xygwin and xchat2 for win32)
  • 5/09/03 changed default keyfile location to ~/.xchat/MircryptionKeys.txt
  • 4/28/03 added \017 characters to format, which allows nicks to be clicked.
  • 4/27/03 fixed lines with / not being encrypted