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A JavaScript library for connecting to a OmniSci GPU database and running queries.


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HEAVY.AI Connector

A JavaScript library for connecting to an HEAVY.AI GPU database and running queries.

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Quick Start for Users

Install with npm install @heavyai/connector. Then import @heavyai/connector in your JavaScript program.


Visit our API Docs

There have been some potentially breaking changes in v6:

  • Prior to v6, the browser version of connector would expose all of the thrift types on window. v6 will continue to do this if you import the script using a standard html <script> tag. But, if you are using a bundler or module system (such as webpack), that is no longer the case. These types will be exported instead (so you can, for example, import { TPixel } from "@heavyai/connector/dist/browser-connector")
  • All of the xAsync functions return a Promise - that hasn't changed. The corresponding non-Async functions (ie, query vs queryAsync) now also return Promises. The callback argument on these non-Async versions is optional since you can just use then or catch or the Promise. It's impossible to run any function synchronously now, however. In other words, if you call query without a callback, it's going to run asynchronously and return a Promise.


Open example.html in your browser for a basic query call.

Quick Start for Developers

npm ci
npm run build
npm run docs # opens API docs in your browser.


Everything in connector should be unit-tested and linted. You can find these tests in /test.

The linter and all tests run on

npm test


It's our eventual goal to fully lint the files in heavyai-con/src. Try to write libraries/heavyai-con using the projects/dashboard-v2 Es6/7 style to make this goal easier to achieve.


Command Description
npm run build Creates /dist folder and runs webpack script
npm run clean Removes node modules, dist, and docs
npm run docs Creates and opens docs
npm run lint Runs lint
npm run test Runs linting and unit tests
npm run test:unit Runs mocha unit tests


Interested in contributing? We'd love for you to help! Check out Contributing.MD