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The next generation of UI components for Immerse. The project is in early-beta. The documentation is available at

The goal is to simply provide a theme for RMWC, a React wrapper using the official Material css. In that case, you can simply use the compiled css with your own Material markup or using RMWC directly. But we also wrap some components to simplify them, write custom ones and style external components with a Material theme, available in the compiled js. We don't have an npm package yet, so the best way to use it in your project is to point your package.json to latest on master.

How to contribute

To work on the code:

npm run styleguide
npm run watch:dev

To compile to prod:

npm run test
npm run styleguide:build
npm run prod

Once packaged, you can also access RMWC directly through omnisci-ui, for example:

import {Button} from "@mapd/omnisci-ui/rmwc/button"