Change your zsh terminal's color scheme when you SSH into a server. Works while running on iTerm2.
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iTerm-2 SSH Color Scheme

If you want to change your iTerm2 ZSH shell's theme/color scheme when you SSH into a server, follow these directions below.

Create 2 Profiles:

*	Your personal preference theme (can be named anything)
*	SSH color theme (must be named SSH)

Go into your ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom directory and create a new file entitled iTerm2-ssh.zsh. Copy and paste the following or copy from the repo:

function tabc() {
  NAME=$1; if [ -z "$NAME" ]; then NAME="Default"; fi 
  # if you have trouble with this, change
  # "Default" to the name of your default theme
  echo -e "\033]50;SetProfile=$NAME\a"

function tab-reset() {
    echo -e "\033]50;SetProfile=$NAME\a"
    trap - INT EXIT

function colorssh() {
    if [[ -n "$ITERM_SESSION_ID" ]]; then
        trap "tab-reset" INT EXIT
        if [[ "$*" =~ "web*|production|ec2-.*compute-1" ]]; then
            tabc SSH
    ssh $*
compdef _ssh tabc=ssh

alias ssh="colorssh"

The breakdown of this code:

function tabc() grabs the ssh name after the command $ ssh is entered. This changes the SetProfile name to ssh.

tab-reset() is responsible for when you exit the ssh session to return back to a profile name of your choosing. Remember to create a custom profile name and replace the YOUR_CUSTOM_PROFILE_NAME_HERE with your profile name.

colorssh determines when to change the SetProfile name. Currently it will changes to the ssh profile when the following values exist after $ ssh.

-	web *
-	production
-	ec2-.*compute-1

Go here for a library of iTerm2 color themes to choose from.

Make sure to start a new tab to see the results.