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Windows 2000 on Docker

A Docker image for Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP4.


Start an instance

docker run --detach \
  --name qemu-win2000 \
  --device /dev/kvm \
  --publish \
  --publish \
  --publish \

The instance can be accessed from:

  • RDP (3389/TCP), user Administrator, password password.
  • VNC (5900/TCP), without password.
  • noVNC (6080/TCP),
  • docker exec -it qemu-win2000 vmshell

Additionally the contents of the /mnt/ directory in the container will be exposed on the Z: drive via SMB.

Environment variables


Number of cores the VM is permitted to use (2 by default).


Amount of memory the VM is permitted to use (512M by default).


VM keyboard layout (en-us by default).


Start QEMU in KVM mode (true by default).

The --device /dev/kvm option is required for this variable to take effect.


"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn't stop to think if they should."

Dr. Ian Malcolm


This project is not affiliated with and has not been approved by Microsoft. The Windows 2000 Advanced Server disk image used in this demonstration has been obtained from WinWorld and it is published for digital preservation and demonstration purposes only.


See the license file.