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Ember Rails Generators

A set of generators for rails projects using ember.js.


Add the line

gem 'ember-generators'

to your rails Gemfile and run 'bundle install'. Then run

rails g ember:bootstrap

to bootstrap your application with ember and create a basic framework.

Ember bootstrap

rails g ember:bootstrap

Bootstraps your application with a basic coffeescript framework for front-end routing, templates and views using Ember.js and some ember libraries.

Ember Model

rails g ember:model model_name [attr1:number attr2:string]

Generates an ember-resource model in app/assets/javascripts/ember/models

The ember-resource model has a schema defining the attributes the model knows about. If no type is provided, string is assumed.

Ember View

rails g ember:view controller_name view_name

Generates a view and template in app/assets/javascripts/ember/views/controller_name and app/assets/javascripts/ember/templates/controller_name

Ember Controller

rails g ember:controller controller_name [route1 route2]

Generates a controller in app/assets/javascripts/ember/controllers

The controller can be provided an array of routes. Each of these will use the route name as the fragment for reaching the state defined. The view for a route is also generated based on the controller and route names.