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A blazingly fast performance stat monitoring and collection library for node or the browser.

How fast?

Heimdall allows for 2 forms of stat collection: counter based and time based.

The overhead of time based stat collection is the cost of allocating a tiny TypedArray, a four element Array, and On Desktop Chrome on a 2015 era MacBook Pro this amounts to roughly 200 nanoseconds. You can easily run the benchmarks on devices you care about to see what the cost will be for you.

The overhead of counter based collection is the cost of a method call with two bitwise operations and an integer increment. An occasional Uint32Array allocation is thrown in when more space is needed. The cost here is pragmatically negligible, and counters are ideal for situations in which the overhead of a timer is enough to significantly alter stats.

Getting started

Check out heimdalljs for more info on getting started and installed.

How is the repo structured?

The Heimdall repo is managed as a monorepo that is composed of many npm packages.