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Partial KeePass Database Export

Export tagged entries to a new password database every time you save. The new database can use a different password.

What does it do?

Every time you save your database a new database will be created and passwords with certain tags will be copied over (in KeePass you can mark any password entry with tags). No user interaction is required, the whole process runs in the background.

Without further configuration the new file is created in the same folder as your database file. If your database file is passwords.kdbx the new file will be named passwords.partial-!readonly!.kdbx. This file will be overwritten every time you save the original database, so don't make any changes to the copy. (Note: as of v1.1.0 you can change output path and file name. The same reasoning applies, make sure to not overwrite existing files.)

The new database can be protected with a password different from the original database's one. Key files and Windows account are not supported.

What's the use case?

You have a giant password database in your secure bunker at home and don't want this database to ever leave your home. But sometimes you need a few passwords on the go. What now?

Use this plugin. Mark the passwords you need on the go with a certain tag and take the partial database exported by the plugin with you (or upload it to the cloud). If somebody steals this password database he only has a few passwords, not all. And since the partial database uses a different password an attacker obtaining it cannot open the source database as well.


Download the latest release.


  1. unzip the file(s)
  2. create a new sub-folder of the KeePass plugins folder, if it doesn't exist (e.g. KeePass\Plugins\PartialKeePassDatabaseExport - note: you have to create the sub-folder PartialKeePassDatabaseExport when installing the plugin for the first time)
  3. copy the files to this sub-folder

Plugin files that must be copied to KeePass\Plugins\PartialKeePassDatabaseExport are:

  • PartialKeePassDatabaseExport.dll

Now configure the plugin.


Create a special password entry with the title PartialExportConfig in the root group. The plugin will search for this entry.

The password of this entry is the password for the exported database.

The tags of this entry are the tags the plugin looks for. Passwords having those tags will be exported. Multiple tags are supported, they are delimited by comma (,).

Advanced Configuration

Note: this section assumes you created the special password entry PartialExportConfig as described above.

Set output file path and name (v1.1.0)

You can use the URL field of the PartialExportConfig to specify file name and/or path of the exported database file.

Supported values are:

  • absolute pathes (C:\OneDrive\PartialExport.kdbx)
  • relative pathes (Export/PartialExport.kdbx, ../PartialExport.kdbx) - they will be resolved relative to the current database
  • no path (PartialExport.kdbx) - will export to the directory of the current database

The kdbx file extension will be added automatically if missing.

Clear otp string field

For the PartialExportConfig entry create a string field with name clearotp to NOT export the otp string field of entries to the new database. The otp field is used by the KeeOtp plugin to store the secret key for one-time password generation. If you use other devices to generate one-time passwords you might want to exclude those keys from the exported database to not expose them to attackers.

Note: the value of the clearotp field doesn't matter and can be empty.


  • the group/folder structure is not copied - the exported database will have the root folder containing all exported passwords
  • export to only one file
  • the new database can only be protected by password, not key files or a Windows account

Partial KeePass Database Export vs KeePassSubsetExport

There is another plugin KeePassSubsetExport out there, apparently developed in parallel, that does at least the same as my plugin. Have a look at the comparison here.

So here are the advantages of my Partial KeePass Database Export:

  • the otp string field can be cleared, protecting your two-factor authentication secrets
  • flat export without folders - some users see this as advantage
  • simplicity ;)

Try and decide for yourself.


Export tagged entries to a new password database. The new database can use a different password.








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