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Release 7.0.0

This is the new stable version of Heketi.

Major additions in this release

  • support for arbiter volumes
  • support for cloning of volumes
  • support for prometheus metrics
  • native TLS support


  • add support for arbiter volumes
  • support for cloning volumes through a new clone operation on the source volume
  • add support for fetching topology info in prometheus format through a new /metrics endpoint
  • support using https to access heketi through native TLS
  • add a "destroy-existing-data" option to clear devices when added / topology is loaded
  • add HEKETI_DB_PATH environment variable to override heketi.json setting
  • enable rebalance on volume expansion by default
  • make heketi operations more resilient against node outages by adding a node health monitor and a retry mechanism
  • cli: show number of bricks in 'node info' output
  • deny creation of block-hosting volumes if disabled
  • add support to get and set log level to API and heketi-cli
  • add a command to clean pending operations from the database
  • add environment variable HEKETI_IGNORE_STALE_OPERATIONS
  • doc: add design doc for snapshot and cloning
  • several other bugfixes
  • several other documentation updates and enhancements
  • github: add an issue template
  • github: add a pull request template

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Release 6.0.0

This is the new stable version of Heketi.

The main additions in this release are the block-volume API, a great deal of stabilization to prevent inconsistent database and out-of-sync situations, and tooling to do disaster recovery when the database is bad.


  • Add support for gluster-block volumes
  • Add device resync API.
  • A lot of internal restructuring and code cleanup.
  • Greatly improved robustness, preventing inconsistent database state.
  • Add a database import and export feature.
  • Add a database repair mode (cleaning orphaned bricks).
  • Allow to set heketi's log level through the HEKETI_GLUSTERAPP_LOGLEVEL environment variable.
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements.

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Release 5.0.1

This is a security release.

A security-check flaw was found in the way the Heketi server API handled user requests. An authenticated Heketi user could send specially crafted requests to the Heketi server, resulting in remote command execution as the user running Heketi server and possibly privilege escalation. (CVE-2017-15103)

The flaw was discovered by Markus Krell of NTT Security and fixed by Raghavendra Talur of Red Hat.


  • Fix the security flaw by adding complete input validation to the API server
  • Makefile fixes to facilitate release process

@obnoxxx obnoxxx released this Sep 14, 2017 · 866 commits to master since this release

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Release 5 is now available.


  • Set Gluster Volume options based on user input.
  • Allow disperse volumes to be 2+1.
  • Use glide instead of godeps for build dependencies.
  • Increase test coverage.
  • Compress database when storing in a K8S Secret.
  • Introduce switch backup_db_to_kube_secret, defaulting to false.
  • Add functionality to remove a device.
  • Add functionality to remove a node.
  • Environmental variable support for config of sshexec.
  • Many smaller bug fixes and improvements.

Docker Images

  • x86_64: heketi/heketi

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Release 4 is now avaiable.


  • Heketi is now LPGL3/GPL2 while the client is still APACHE2
  • When in Kubernetes, Heketi will backup the database to a secret. No need to create a GlusterFS volume
  • GlusterFS deployed as a DaemonSet is now supported
  • In Kubernetes, Heketi automatically is configured to find the Kubernetes API host and credentials
  • Default minimum GlusterFS volume size reduced to 1GB
  • Supports builds for Raspberry Pi as well as other architectures

Docker images

  • x86_64: heketi/heketi
  • Raspberry Pi: heketi/heketi-rpi
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