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Helix Toolkit

Helix Toolkit is a collection of 3D components for .NET Framework.

HelixToolkit.WPF: Adds variety of functionalities/models on the top of internal WPF 3D model (Media3D namespace).

HelixToolkit.SharpDX.WPF: 3D Components and XAML/MVVM compatible Scene Graphs based on SharpDX(DirectX 11) for high performance usage.

HelixToolkit.UWP: 3D Components and XAML/MVVM compatible Scene Graphs based on SharpDX(DirectX 11) for Universal Windows App.

Examples: Please download full source code to run examples.

Build status

Description Value
License The MIT License (MIT)
Web page http://helix-toolkit.org/
Documentation http://docs.helix-toolkit.org/
Forum http://forum.helix-toolkit.org/
Chat https://gitter.im/helix-toolkit/helix-toolkit
Source repository http://github.com/helix-toolkit/helix-toolkit
Latest build http://ci.appveyor.com/project/objorke/helix-toolkit
Issue tracker http://github.com/helix-toolkit/helix-toolkit/issues
NuGet packages http://www.nuget.org/packages?q=HelixToolkit
MyGet feed https://www.myget.org/F/helix-toolkit
StackOverflow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/helix-3d-toolkit
Twitter https://twitter.com/hashtag/Helix3DToolkit

Project Build

Visual Studio 2017. Windows 10 SDK (Min Ver.10.0.10586.0).

Windows 10 SDK Ver.10.0.10586.0 can be selected and installed using Visual Studio 2017 installer.If you installed the higher version only, please change the target version in HelixToolkit.Native.ShaderBuilder property to the proper version installed on your machine.


1. Right-handed Cartesian coordinate system and row major matrix by default

HelixToolkit default is using right-handed Cartesian coordinate system, including Meshbuilder etc. To use left-handed Cartesian coordinate system (Camera.CreateLeftHandedSystem = true), user must manually correct the triangle winding order or IsFrontCounterClockwise in raster state description if using SharpDX. Matrices are row major by default.

2. Performance Topics for WPF.SharpDX and UWP.

3. Following features are not supported currently on FeatureLevel 10 graphics card:

FXAA, Order Independant Transparent Rendering, Particle system, Tessellation.

4. Wiki



V2.2.0 releases are available on nuget. Release Note

Changes (Please refer to Release Note for details)
  1. Add per-frame draw call in RenderDetail.
  2. Add pingpong buffer for post effects. Add depth stencil buffer pooling
  3. Add RenderTechnique serialization/deserialization.
  4. Add BlendFactor/SampleMask/StencilRef in ShaderPassDescription.
  5. Support customizable mesh material. Added multiple new materials. Obsolete to change render technique to switch shading mode. Use different material to apply different shading pass. MaterialDemo is available.
  6. Encapsulate DeviceContext functions into DeviceContextProxy.
  7. Port DynamicCodeSurface3D to WPF.SharpDX.


V2.1.0 releases are available on nuget. Release Note

Note: 2.0 Breaking changes from version 1.x.x. (HelixToolkit.SharpDX only) see ChangeLog


V1.1.0 releases are available.