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  1. core core Public

    🍩 Bloom Protocol smart contracts

    TypeScript 92 13

  2. typescript-solidity-example typescript-solidity-example Public

    πŸ’» Sample Typescript with Solidity for a blog post

    TypeScript 26 4

  3. bloom-vault bloom-vault Public

    πŸ”’ e2e encrypted provider agnostic data storage [DEPRECATED]

    TypeScript 20 6

  4. share-kit share-kit Public archive

    ↗️ Easily allow your users to share their verified personal information directly with your application

    TypeScript 18 9

  5. attestation-kit attestation-kit Public archive

    βœ… Easily attest to and read attestations on the Bloom protocol

    TypeScript 16 5

  6. crowdsale crowdsale Public

    πŸ” The Bloom network token (BLT)

    TypeScript 15 1


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