chatbot_ner: Named Entity Recognition for chatbots.
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Named Entity Recognition for chatbots

Haptik is one of the world's largest conversational AI companies redefining the way chatbots work.

To build a good chatbot, one of the modules that play a crucial role is Named Entity Recognition (NER). In this repository, we have open-sourced our NER which uses heuristic approach along with several NLP techniques to extract necessary entities from chat interfaces.

To know more about our NER repository please go through the following documentations:

  1. Installation and setup: Detailed document on how to install and setup the chatbot NER on your system

  2. CSV file structure and adding/removing entities to DataStore: Document on how to create your own entity and store it to DataStore

  3. Approach used: Document on the architecture along with different detection logics (entity types) and built-in entities

  4. API calls: A brief document on the api calls for different detection logics along with its necessary output