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Lena in Clojure

(ns opencv4.lena
	(:require [opencv4.core :refer :all]))

(defn -main[& args]
	(-> "resources/lena.png"
		(gaussian-blur! (new-size 17 17) 9 9)
	  (imwrite "resources/blurred.png")))

Which turns:


Support for OpenCV4-beta is in.

Origami is an opencv generated wrapper for Clojure which allows some of the opencv code to be written in a concise way, by putting emphasis on processing pipelines.

After staring at origami directions long enough, you sort of become one with them and start understanding them from the inside. Zooey Deschanel

  '[opencv4.utils :as u]
  '[opencv4.core :refer :all])

 (imread "doc/cat_in_bowl.jpeg")
 (cvt-color! COLOR_RGB2GRAY)
 (canny! 300.0 100.0 3 true)
 (u/resize-by 0.5)
 (imwrite "doc/canny-cat.jpg"))

Book on using Origami

Java Image Processing Recipes: With OpenCV and JVM published by Apress will show you all the tricks to play and produce art and understand the underlying concepts of origami.

2 minutes intro if you have clj installed

If you already have the clojure CLI, clj, installed then you can be ready in 2 minutes.

In a new folder, create the deps.edn file:

   {"vendredi" {:url ""}}
   { origami {:mvn/version "4.0.0-beta7"}}

Start a repl, and require the two most used origami namespaces:

    '[opencv4.utils :as u]
    '[opencv4.core :refer :all])

And then use it to download an image from a url, resize it and download it to the local file system.

(-> ""
    (u/resize-by 0.3)
    (imwrite "cat.jpg"))

You'll get a cat in your own bowl:

You also would know you can also directly load, turn to gray, and change the size with:

(-> ""
    (u/mat-from-url IMREAD_REDUCED_GRAYSCALE_4)
    (imwrite "cat.jpg"))

Getting Started

Required Software to install

  • install jdk 1.8
  • install leiningen (it is a simple script ...)
  • that's it ! (as in, no need to install anyother OpenCV thing ...)

generate a project

Create a brand new origami based project using a Leiningen project template

# install the sample
lein new clj-opencv hello-origami

# change directory

cd hello-origami

# run the template simple example
lein run
# or ..
clj -m opencv4.ok

Running the samples

Some examples are included in the project template.

Origami Setup Check (including OpenCV native dependencies check)

lein run -m opencv4.ok

Some Simple OpenCV transformation using origami

lein run -m opencv4.simple

A more advanced set of imaging transformation.

lein run -m opencv4.tutorial

Webcam Sample

lein run -m opencv4.videosample

Gorilla Based Notebook

lein notebook

And two notebooks are included in the project template:

samples git project

If you do not have Lein installed, you can also clone a checkout of the generated project.

git clone

many more samples

For many, many more examples, you can also clone and check the repository:

git clone

opencv compatibility notes

Distribution Version Status Comments
OSX Mojave o
Windows 10 o
Ubuntu 18 glibc 2.23 o Compiled with 2.23 no ffmpeg
Manjaro glibc 2.23 o Compiled with 2.23 no ffmpeg
Debian glibc 2.23 o Compiled with 2.23 no ffmpeg
Old Debian glibc 2.19 Compiled with 2.19
Needs a different opencv native jar

Bonus link to see what is compatible.

To try the slightly old setup for linux, you can use this repository:

electron based IDE

An experimental self-contained native application for windows and osx can be downloaded from the following project:

With Tensorflow and Caffee Neural Network

There is now a sibling project showing how to use a caffee based network to identify object with origami.

Copyright @Nicolas Modrzyk - 2017-2018 Eclipse Public License