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FreeOTP Plus

FreeOTP Plus forked the same functionality of FreeOTP provided by RedHat with the following enhancement:

  • Export settings to Google Drive or other document providers
  • Import settings from Google Drive or other document providers
  • Lots of stability improvement
  • Support Android 6.0 permissions.
  • Enhanced UI with material design with dark theme support
  • Search bar to search token
  • Provide more token details for better interoperatibility with other apps
  • Utilize modern camera hardware to scan QR code faster
  • Option to require Biometric / PIN authentication to launch the app
  • Heuristic based offline icon for tokens of 250+ websites.
  • More settings to customize the app functionality

Most part of the code is re-written with modern Jetpack libraries and Kotlin language.

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play

Build Dependencies

  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio 4.0+


Crowdin can be used for translation if you are uncomfortable working with strings.xml files.
If your language is not listed, please open an issue so we can add it.
If you don't like to use Crowdin feel free to submit a pull with the updated/added locales.