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This program lets you send YouTube videos and other files from you Mac to your Airplay Device.

Install & Usage

AirPlayer uses some third-party modules.

So you need to install them first if you want this to work.


If you don't know how to install a module do this:

  1. Open you terminal and cd into the folder you want to install.

  2. python install (You might need to run it as sudo)

  3. We're done!

To Play

cd into your AirPlayer folder and run this command.

# To play a video from YouTube
# It will automatically pick the highest possible quality and send it to you AirPlay Device.


# To play a local mp3 file (must be on your own server at the moment)


# To play a video from


# To play a hosted video


Do what ever you want. Public Domain or something. If you like it, drop me a line and tell so. It makes me all warm en fuzzy inside.

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