@jdolitsky jdolitsky released this Dec 7, 2018 · 11 commits to master since this release

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ChartMuseum turns 1 year old! It's been an amazing year serving up charts around the world!

The biggest change in this release is the introduction of bearer/token auth support. Big thanks to @zachpuck for the initial work on this. Checkout chartmuseum/auth-server-example for more info on how to use this.

Other great stuff:

  • Brand new, multi-stage Codefresh CI pipeline!
  • ChartMuseum website now live! https://chartmuseum.com Source code available at chartmuseum/www
  • New logo! Thanks @todaywasawesome and the rest of the team at @codefresh-io
  • Storage component has been factored into a Go library available at chartmuseum/storage
  • Auth component has been factored into a Go library available at chartmuseum/auth
  • @idobry 's ChartMuseumUI project has been adopted! Available at chartmuseum/ui
  • Support for Oracle storage has been added!! Thank you @anilarora
  • Ability to force push chart versions with ?force, disabled with new flag --disable-force-overwrite
  • Silence the logs for /health route
  • Update Docker image to work with Azure File Share #165 (thank you @fabiendibot!)
  • Fixed openstack re-authentication #171 (thank you @gmauleon!)
  • Run chartmuseum binary as nonroot user in Docker container #167 (thank you @verwilst!)
  • Fixed S3 credentials volume attachment example in readme #174 (thank you @trobert2!)
  • Switched license from MIT to Apache 2
  • Added Helm copyright headers to all source code
  • Added Helm code of conduct (thank you @scottrigby!)
  • Updated dependencies, checked in vendor/ dir
  • Added instructions on how to install with GoFish