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Helm Community

Welcome to the Helm community!

This is the starting point for becoming a contributor to the Helm project - improving docs, improving code, giving talks etc.


The communication page lists communication channels like chat, issues, mailing lists, meetings, conferences, etc.

How Can I Help?

First, you should join our communication forums:

Next, get set-up with the basics (if not already done so):

Now, you can get down to business!

A good way to learn is:

  • Check out the code and look at code reviews. Documentation and test are part of the code base.
  • Try reproducing issues and get an overview of user problems.
  • Talk to people on Slack and ask questions.

Areas you can start working on:

  • Documentation (like the text you are reading now) can always use improvement!
  • We can always do with more test coverage.
  • Review open PRs. Add comments, feedback or give a LGTM!
  • Try out some easy-to-fix bugs which may be marked with the starter tag
  • Just ask an owner for suggestions.

Your First Contribution

We recommend that you work on existing issues before attempting to develop a new feature.

Find an existing issue (e.g. one marked starter, or simply ask an owner for suggestions), and respond on the issue thread expressing interest in working on it.

This helps other people know that the issue is active, and hopefully prevents duplicated efforts.

Each commit must be signed off in git, as described by the article describing Helm's switch to DCO.

If you want to work on a new idea of relatively small scope:

  1. Submit an issue describing your proposed change to the repo in question.
  2. The repo owners will respond to your issue promptly.
  3. If your proposed change is accepted, start work in your fork, signing off each commit as described above.
  4. Submit a pull request containing a tested change.
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