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@mattfarina mattfarina released this Nov 6, 2019 · 23 commits to dev-v2 since this release

We are pleased to announce the release of Helm 2.16.0.

This release was signed with 4614 49C2 5E36 B98E and can be found at @mattfarina's keybase account. Please use the attached signatures for verifying this release using gpg.

Helm v2.15 was the last feature release for Helm v2 as new feature development now happened in Helm v3. The v2.16 release include fixes to issues that are to large of a change for a patch release. Some minor feature additions were included via an update to sprig.

We want to thank the community for all your contributions this release. There were 13 unique committers contributing a total of 39 commits since Helm 2.15.2. Thank you all for your hard work.

The community keeps growing, and we'd love to see you there!

  • Join the discussion in Kubernetes Slack:
    • #helm-users for questions and just to hang out
    • #helm-dev for discussing PRs, code, and bugs
  • Hang out at the Public Developer Call: Thursday, 9:30 Pacific via Zoom
  • Test, debug, and contribute charts: GitHub/helm/charts

Notable Changes

  • Kubernetes 1.16 is now supported including new manifest apiVersions
  • Sprig was upgraded to 2.22
  • Cross device rename is now supported
  • The search command now shows the proper version

Installation and Upgrading

Download Helm 2.16. The common platform binaries are here:

Once you have the client installed, upgrade Tiller with helm init --upgrade.

The Quickstart Guide will get you going from there. For upgrade instructions or detailed installation notes, check the install guide. You can also use a script to install on any system with bash.

What's Next

Helm 2.16.1 will be the next patch release including bug fixes. Helm 3.0.0 will be the next feature release and is where new feature development occurs.


  • add comment to indicate source of fs.go e13bc94 (Yagnesh Mistry)
  • Move third_party/fs to internal/third_party/fs and update scripts/ 76c6cff (Yagnesh Mistry)
  • Move fs to third_party/dep and include full bsd license text 5d105aa (Yagnesh Mistry)
  • Fix url for bsd license 78242d1 (Brice Rising)
  • Fix linting issues 42f1256 (Brice Rising)
  • Switch BSD license in fsutil package to dep project license fba02b7 (Brice Rising)
  • Copy approach done in another project for using bsd license d6c0026 (Brice Rising)
  • Add Apache License line to fsutil 4c0d44e (Brice Rising)
  • Run gofmt -s -w using official golang docker image fdb0934 (Brice Rising)
  • Run gofmt -s on fs_test 857c90b (Brice Rising)
  • Remove dead code 577d500 (Brice Rising)
  • Fix style issues 14f051e (Brice Rising)
  • Skip inaccessible file tests for root 4b9efed (Brice Rising)
  • Remove dep/internal/test dependency 112c530 (Brice Rising)
  • Removed unused methods from fs package 0c7f203 (Brice Rising)
  • Fix rename for helm dep upgrade c41037d (Brice Rising)
  • bump version to v2.16.0-rc.1 e13bf23 (Matt Farina)
  • Update language on search usage ae6a33f (Matt Farina)
  • Fix error when loading irregular files a4f46d7 (Matt Farina)
  • pin md2man 8a0185b (Adam Reese)
  • bump protobuf to match kubernetes d7d0427 (Adam Reese)
  • ref(glide.yaml): kubernetes 1.16.2 23c82fc (Adam Reese)
  • fix(wait): Removes ingress checks 93e4697 (Taylor Thomas)
  • fix(repo/search): fix helm repo search command to display proper versions 71fa47f (Mateusz Szostok)
  • Update release checklist (#6762) 1f69233 (Martin Hickey)
  • fix silent lint ignore for non existing packaged charts 2392636 (Karuppiah Natarajan)
  • Reverted changes introduced in #6010 4cddc82 (Oleg Sidorov)
  • fix(ci): only build Helm 2 off a tag 50b838f (Matthew Fisher)
  • Set output format when install flag on helm upgrade (#6722) 7ca7525 (Martin Hickey)
  • fix(sympath): walk symbolic links one once 8489290 (Matthew Fisher)
  • Upgrade to golang 1.13.3 30bccea (Jintao Zhang)
  • Update c7841da (Yi Siqi)
  • fix(cmd): acquire file lock on repository.lock 0a2d584 (Matthew Fisher)
  • ignore coveralls internal server errors 6570541 (Max Brenner)
  • fix(kube): fix race condition 33bb888 (Matthew Fisher)
  • ref(README): update wording on using the From Script guide 82a52ed (Matthew Fisher)
  • bump version to v2.15 7afbddf (Matthew Fisher)
  • Commit for PR #6429 79a8ca1 (ConnorBrereton)
  • Updated README to link to install from script instructions. 82ee75e (ConnorBrereton)
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